Passaic River History



From An Informational Placard At The Essex County Environmental Center:


30,000 years ago: The Wisconsin Glacier covered the Passaic River Valley

11,000 years ago: The Passaic River was formed by waters escaping from Glacial Lake Passaic

1666: Land which is now the City of Newark was purchased from the Hackensack
Tribe on the banks of the Lower Passaic River

1778: George Washington used the banks of the Passaic River for his camp during the
Revolutionary War

1792: The Passaic River's Great Falls in Paterson was harnessed for power. The City of Paterson
was created as the first industrial city in America by Alexander Hamilton

1828: Dundee Dam was constructed in Garfield and Clifton to make Lake Dundee

1880: The population of New Jersey exceeds one million

Early 1900's - 1970's: Heavy metals, pesticides and other dangerous contaminants were released into the Passaic River by various local industry

1924: First wastewater treatment plant in New Jersey was constructed in Newark

1964: Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge was established (instead of an airport)

1970: Passaic River was listed as the second most polluted river in America

1972: Congress passed Clean Air and Clean Water Acts

1972: The first Essex County Environmental Center opens

1980-Present: Local environmental and conservation advocacy and research groups were formed to encourage restoration of the Passaic River

2005: Current Essex County Environmental Center opens

2005: First Annual Passaic River Paddle Relay and Watershed Festival was held, conducted by a
partnership of local environmental groups

Present: Local organizations and partnerships are working to educate people about restoring, protecting and preserving the natural heritage of the Passaic River Watershed



Glacial Lake Passaic

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Dundee Dam & Dundee Lake

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Paterson Great Falls

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Beatties Dam / Little Falls

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Native American Fishing Weirs

Native American Fishing Weir

     The Fairlawn / Paterson Fish Weir

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Past Mistakes




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