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Passaic River Drive


This drive will take you through the areas that the river travels and will bring you past (or at least in the vicinity of) most of the parks listed on the previous page. The drive begins in the more rural areas of the headwaters and brings you through increasingly industrialized areas. If you choose to go so far the drive will end in Kearny Point where the Passaic and Hackensack Rivers merge into Newark Bay. There is no clear view of the river from there or at any point after going over it on the Route 1&9 Bridge. These directions are intended as a guide only. It is always recommended that you plan your trip out in advance.


Passaic River Drive: Start to Finish / Mendham to Newark Bay

0.0m 287 to exit 33 Harter Road North 0.8m

0.8m Left onto 202 / Mt. Kemble Avenue Southwest 2.1m

3.0m Right onto 646 / Tempe Wick Road 2.1m
The waterfall at Leddel’s Pond can be seen at intersection of Tempe Wick and Leddell Roads

5.1m Left onto Leddell Road, turns into Jockey Hollow Road 1.7m

6.3m Morristown National Park NJ Brigade Area is on left at 1.1m 6.8m Left onto Hardscrabble Road 1.9m

7.7m NJ Audubon Scherman Hoffman Wildlife Sanctuary is on left

8.7m Left onto Childs Road, crosses 202 and 287 and becomes North Maple Avenue 2.1m

10.8m Bear left onto South Maple 1.0m

11.8m Left onto Lord Stirling Road 0.7m

*The river is accessible at Lord Stirling Park at the fishermans parking lot about 1300’east of the education center

Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge - Continue on Lord Stirling / White Bridge Road then left on Pleasant Plains Road

12.5m Right onto Riverside Drive 0.9m

13.4m Left onto Hilltop <0.1

13.5m Left onto South Maple 0.3m

13.8m Right onto Pond Hill Road 0.7m

14.5m Left onto Haas / Stonehouse Road <0.1m

14.6m Right onto River Road 0.6m

15.2m Right onto 512 / Valley Road 0.1m

15.3m Left onto Crest Drive, turns into Sun Road 0.4m

15.7m Left onto 651 / King George Road crosses 78 1.4m

17.1m Left onto 622 / Mountain Avenue 2.2m

19.4m Left onto 653 / Stirling Road, turns into 606 / Plainfield Road 1.0m

20.4m Right onto 512 / Valley Road, turns into Springfield Avenue 4.9m

Riverside Park is on the south side of Valley Road behind Long Hill Municipal Building and Library

22.4m *The river is accessible at Passaic River County Park on north side of Springfield Avenue off end of River Road

23.6m Passaic River Park is on north side at 161 Springfield Avenue between Lawrence and Robbins

25.3m Left onto 647 / Passaic Street 2.5m

25.8m *The river is accessible at Oakwood Park – Right off Passaic Street onto Commonwealth Avenue,

left on Schindler Place, left on Woodbine Circle, left on Roessner Place

Passaic Street turns into River Road

*The river is accessible at Passaic River Park on south side at Stanley Avenue on opposite river bank

*The river is accessible at Stanley Park on south side opposite Passaic River Park. Feeder dam at this location

27.8m Right onto 646 / Watchung Avenue and left onto 649 / River Road

28.6m Bear left onto JFK Parkway then onto Route 24 West

29.3m Immediate 2nd exit onto 124 West (Main Street)

29.7m *The river is accessible at Sheppard Kollock Park – Left off Main Street onto Parrott Mill Road, left onto Henderson Road

30.1m Right on 607 / North Passaic Avenue, turns into Passaic Avenue, follow road left at light 2.8m

33.0m Left onto 510 / South Orange Avenue, turns into Columbia Turnpike 1.2m

34.2m Right onto Vreeland Avenue 1.1m

35.4m Right onto 609 / Hanover Road 0.6m

36.1m Right onto 610 / Mt. Pleasant Avenue 0.2m

Possible river access – continue on Mt. Pleasant then left on Okner Parkway to end

36.3m Left onto River Road 2.7m

38.8m Right onto 611 / Eagle Rock Avenue 1.0m

39.0m *The river is accessible at West Essex Park / Garibaldi Hall, 0.2m on right

39.7m Left onto 613 / Passaic Avenue 2.7m

42.4m Left onto 506 / Bloomfield Avenue 2.4m

43.6m *The river is accessible at Pio Costa Industrial Park

43.9m Merge left onto Route 46 west 1.0m

44.9m Right onto Hook Mountain Road 1.7m

46.6m Left onto Horseneck Road <0.1m

46.7m Immediate right onto Pine Brook Road 1.8m

48.4m Right onto Peace Valley Road 1.1m

49.6m Right onto Two Bridges / Pine Brook Road 1.2m

50.9m Right onto Chapel Hill / Pine Brook Road 0.9m

51.8m Bear right onto Two Bridges Road 1.2m

*The river is accessible, with some effort, at Two Bridges where the Pompton River merges into the Passaic

53.1m Right at Two Bridges 0.6m

53.7m Over Route 46 and left onto 615 / Little Falls Road, turns into Fairfield Road 1.8m

54.2m Pumping Station property on left has river access

55.0m Left onto Grandview Avenue / 631 / Main Street 1.2m

*The river can be accessed from Suchorsky Park in Little Falls – Left onto West End Avenue, left on Island Avenue

56.0m The Little Falls can be viewed from the river walk at The Mill condominiums in Little Falls – 270 Main Street

The lower portion of the Little Falls can be viewed from Morris Canal Park in Little Falls – Old Morris Canal Lane

56.1m Left onto Union Boulevard 0.2m

56.4m Right onto Riverview Drive, turns into Totowa Road / Totowa Avenue 3.9m

60.4m Right onto Wayne Avenue 0.2m

60.7m Left onto McBride Avenue 0.2m

60.8m Left onto McBride Avenue Extension (Great Falls) 0.2m

61.1m Left onto Curtis Place 0.3m

61.3m Left onto West Broadway 0.1m

61.4m Right onto Presidential Boulevard, 504 / East Main, 77 / Wagaraw Road, 507 / River Road, River Drive 9.0m

70.8m Right onto Midland Avenue 0.3m

71.1m Bear right onto Main Avenue

71.5m Right onto Main Avenue

72.0m Left onto Paterson Avenue

72.4m Left onto Carlton Avenue, turns into Jackson Avenue, turns into Riverside Avenue turns into River Road, turns into Passaic Avenue

80.7m Right onto Harrison Avenue / Bridge Street

80.8m Left onto 21 / McCarter Highway

81.6m Left onto Market Street Riverbank Park is on left between Van Buren and Somme Streets Follow 1&9 over Passaic River

Right onto Central Avenue to end. This is Kearny Point, the point where the Hackensack and Passaic Rivers merge into the Newark Bay. You can’t easily see the river from this industrial area



























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